They don’t build them like this anymore…

But we do.

Old-school craftsmanship
New-school technology

Passport Yachts

Builders of Exceptional Semi-Custom Sailing Yachts

Cruising World Boat of the Year 2012: Passport Vista 545 Center Cockpit
Sail Magazine Best Boat 2012 Winner: Passport Vista 545 Center Cockpit
Everything is of the absolute highest quality. Walking along the deck and down below, you’re just amazed by the attention to detail…
It’s magnificent. Beth Leonard

Editor of Seaworthy Magazine, BoatU.S.

This is a high-quality boat…I think with this Passport that you’re going to go sailing around the world and you’re going to really enjoy the voyage and the boat. Alvah Simon

Round-the-World Voyager and Author

The craftsmanship on this boat is amazing. Few boats are put together as well as this one…At the end of the day, you’re looking at something that seemingly should be twice as expensive. Ed Sherman

Systems Expert, American Boat & Yacht Council

Everything is finished perfectly, inside and out.

Tom Dove, SAIL Magazine

The same qualities that made the Passport Vista 545CC the first-ever double-award winning yacht are evident in every Passport yacht we build.

Read what the experts have to say first, then come back here and find the perfect sailing yacht we’ll customize just for you.

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Passport Yachts Classic Series

Classic Series

Explore Classic Series... can be assured of typically fine Passport sailing qualities as well as looks

Peter Nielsen, SAIL Magazine’re looking at something that seemingly should be twice as expensive.

Ed Sherman, Cruising World Magazine

Finding the Right Sailboat

  When we think about sailing and all the joys that we will experience while aboard, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of what we set out to do and consequently select the wrong type of boat. Part of the allure of sailing is that it gives us a great deal of enjoyment and togetherness as well as a sense of accomplishment. That is true in just about all aspects and types of sailing whether it is extended cruising, week-end outings or competition sailing. The trick is to find the right boat for you and your partner and crew for your intended purpose. That is also part of the allure of sailing and why over the years there have been so many different designs developed and advances made. Cruising Lifestyle and What It Entails Hundreds of years ago nobody even thought of using sailing ships the way we do today and of course the designs of that era reflected that. Today we use boats differently, they are smaller, faster and much more comfortable, generally. We know much more about the world today and just about every inch has been charted, so there are wonderful and exciting destinations to explore and experience to enjoy. As an added bonus we get to meet wonderful people along the way, both fellow cruisers and those who live in those wonderful new destinations. That is what the cruising lifestyle is all about. That leads us back to the topic of having the right boat for you and your family and friends. A friend of mine who was involved in everything from the design...

Are We Missing Out on the Important Things In Life?

With all the recent talk of recession, recovery, liquidity crises, credit crunches and stock market turmoil it’s no wonder spending has been curtailed and a certain degree of uncertainty is present, at least temporarily. But are we missing out on the things that really matter to us and good values just because of a temporary situation that we didn’t create? That could be the case, but doesn’t have to be…

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