With all the recent talk of recession, recovery, liquidity crises, credit crunches and stock market turmoil it’s no wonder spending has been curtailed and a certain degree of uncertainty is present, at least temporarily.

But are we missing out on the things that really matter to us and good values just because of a temporary situation that we didn’t create?

That could be the case, but doesn’t have to be.

New Economy or Temporary Fluctuations?

Here at Passport Yachts we have been continually delivering our exceptional yachts to our knowledgeable clients for over three decades.

During that time both we and our clients have seen several down turns in the economy and degrees of uncertainty, all of which were temporary, and all of which were a concern for both our clients and ourselves at the time they occurred. However, in each of these past cycles our clients with foresight who took advantage of the moment came out ahead in the long run, and for years to come.

Irreplaceable Investment: Experiences

Not only is owning a Passport an investment that has great monetary value, one that has been established over decades, it is an investment in something that has far more value than money, it is an investment in a lifestyle and a lifetime of enjoyment.

The lifestyle investment is irreplaceable.

Where else can partners and the family come together in such an intimate setting and share so much happiness and togetherness?

This is the stuff that solid relationships are made from, and are cherished for a lifetime.

Long-term Value Is Far More Important Than Purchase Price

Passports represent the very best value in their sphere. There are no yachts built in Passport’s class that come close to the quality of a Passport, at any price.

Yes, there are many attractive yachts being built today of similar sizes. Most with nice features and good workmanship for what they are, but when compared to the high quality and superb attention to detail of a Passport, they fall a bit short.

What makes Passport the best purchase choice?


Firstly, Passports historically retain their value better year after year and cost less to maintain because of their superb quality and attention to detail. So, in looking at the overall picture Passports are actually less expensive to own than yachts of lesser quality and make the statement that their owners understand value and style.


Along with inherent value, a Passport is priced well below other yachts in our class and the disparity is sometimes quite remarkable.

In years past there was a certain amount of prestige in overpaying for a symbol of affluence. Not so today. There is no need to overpay for prestige.

Passport is one of the most recognized names in yachting and has won numerous awards over the years.

Passports are also well known in the yachting community for their superb quality, performance and safety in all sailing conditions along with their superb and livable interior designs.

In today’s world the prestige goes to the wise: those who buy the very best and still have the security of knowing that they were wise enough to purchase a yacht of exceeding quality at a price below other yachts of a similar size and purpose.


All Passports are built to extremely high quality levels and are custom designed with each of our owners needs in mind. They are both very safe and reliable and highly personalized for each of our discriminating owners. In the design process we listen very carefully to our owner’s requests and then design the yacht around their life style, not ours.

Passports are not built on an assembly line where each yacht is a carbon copy of the next. Rather, Passports are custom designed and built for each individual.

All designs and systems are carefully researched before they are integrated into the manufacturing process. The result is a yacht of the highest quality that is built to accommodate each client perfectly. All of this at a price that is equally as pleasing, and often less than a production style yacht.


Fortunately, the cost of money is still at an all time low and special offerings from Passport are remain available to those who have the foresight to use both to their advantage.

For those clients that choose to finance all or part of their purchase, the lending institutions have funds available at rates that are lower than they have been in quite some time. These rates are at fixed percentages that in most cases extend for many years into the future.

We expect these rates to climb over the next several years, as they have done in the past, so the savings alone in interest on a yacht purchased today versus one purchased a year or two from now could be significant.

Additionally, our prices are at a comfortable level today representing a spectacular value. Items that are options on other yachts are standard on Passports.

Coupling this fact with the included special equipment packages makes purchasing a Passport a “no price surprise” experience.

As with everything else, prices are expected to rise, interest rates are expected to go up and inflation is expected to set in, so an investment today is an investment in the future.

There are special offerings available at Passport that further increase the value of a Passport today. We urge our clients to contact us regarding these special incentives and to discuss them with our knowledgeable team in greater detail. These incentives could mean a savings of very significant amounts but are only available for a limited time.

For all of the reasons above, lifestyle, quality and value, personalization and price, now might be the very best opportunity to make an investment in your future with a Passport.

Our clients continually tell us that along with the extremely high quality and value of their Passport, the investment in their boat was something that has much more value than money, it has brought them enormous pleasure at all levels.

When you look at it that way it begs the question, “What am I waiting for?”

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