Passport Yachts Classic Series

Wherever your dreams may lead, your Passport will take you there in safety, speed, comfort and head turning style.

Modern materials and time-proven products from around the world are used to construct all Passports.

Although modern in their specification, Passport Yachts are still built by talented craftsmen skilled in the art of fine yacht building.

From the safety features of the custom-fabricated stainless steel deck fittings to individually customized interiors, every detail large and small is taken into consideration.

Our interiors are not modular in construction but hand build, piece-by-piece, to create an interior that flows flawlessly from stem to stern.

Although each Passport is custom designed around the lifestyle specific needs of each owner, the impressive list of standard equipment eliminates unforeseen expenditures prior to commissioning.

…a well-designed, well-built and thoroughly equipped boat.

Ted Brewer - Cruising World Magazine

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